These are my dear friends, the Runyans. It probably seems like we just did this because, just over a year ago, WE DID!!! Then they went and had yet another baby 😉 In fact, it’s kind of awesome, because they have two girls and then two boys, and WE have two boys and then two girls. Our kids are basically matches made in Heaven! And their fourth and our fourth were both surprise babies 🙂 Anyway, we did this shoot a few months back and I felt this great need to post it because it’s just so darn cute. They are a stunning family and their pictures should be enjoyed by the world!!! Right? So, world, here ya go. Enjoy!















This is my nephew Vonn. Vonn Declan Isaac James Miller, to be exact. He came into the world at a whopping 10 pounds with a whopping five names. I have a feeling he will have a whopping personality to go with it all!!! He is the essence of sweet and cute and he’s got a good thing going here: four mommas (some call them sisters… they will count as moms for at least 3 years, I think…)!!!! Not many are lucky enough to have four moms upon arriving into the world. But this one does. So, note, don’t try to double cross him. Momma lions are not to be messed with 🙂 We are so excited for the Millers to have their first boy!!!! So please, enjoy our little photo shoot. We had a good time 🙂


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Sophie, my sweetness, was born last March. She was the joy and highlight of an otherwise difficult, emotion-filled year. She was my breath of fresh air on a constant basis. I say this daily, and I will probably continue: Sophie is amazing. She has the wonderful ability at 13 months old (now…) to have a sense of humor and make everyone laugh. She loves our backyard chickens and does the best “bock bock” you’ve heard. She’s very relaxed, but also busy and extremely happy. She loves life and family and food (just like her momma). There’s so much joy in this girl. I can’t wait to see how her friends look up to her and admire the way she carries herself, and yet, I can wait. I want her to stay my baby forever!!!! She has made our little family so much better than we could’ve imagined. I have been so anxious to post a Sophie blog with a bunch of my favorite shots of her first year, but man oh man, I didn’t know I’d have so many!!!! So, I can’t truthfully say that these are all my favorites because there are many more. I just ran out of time to pick more. I meant to post this MUUUUUUCH closer to her actual birthday. Instead, it’s a little over a month late, but oh so worth the wait 🙂 Here is a sampling of my favorite Sophie pictures from her first year of life. I’ll start with her one year old photo shoot (taken about 2.5 weeks in to the 12 month mark). I adore her curls… And her smile… And her silliness… And everything about her 🙂 My Soph.


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When dear friends move far away (ok, not that far, but far enough to not see them often), meeting their new babies sometimes doesn’t happen soon enough!!! Next time I see this little guy he will probably be twice this size. These little ones grow so darn fast, I was lucky to get to see him at just 2.5 weeks old and squeeze in a newborn photo shoot. Also lucky was the perfect weather this fine March day. We got to do little nakey pictures outside and I gotta say, he was loving it. Thanks guys for the fun little shoot. And I didn’t really even notice until editing that I got sooooo many shots of him and his proud daddy. Pretty cute, I must say 🙂 He is fabulous. Enjoy!


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I don’t know what it’s like everywhere else, but around here, there is an abundance of buns in the proverbial oven. Dinner rolls all around. Kitchen oven upon kitchen oven filled to the brim with soft baking rolls. Every time a bell rings, a stork flies by (or maybe I just made that up)… There is most likely a baby being born probably every fifteen minutes. In fact, I just might know more pregnant people than not… Hehe. So watch out! If you’re avoiding this phenomenon, I would highly recommend NOT drinking the water in Redding. This particular baby just so happens to belong to my friends, Chris and Alyssa, and she is absolutely gorgeous, just like her momma and big sis. Kind of makes you want to take just one small sip… And I got the honor of capturing her new-ness. We did this shoot when she was 2 weeks old. Can I just say, what a love? In fact, I think I need to go snuggle her, STAT!!! Enjoy this small appetizer of fresh baked bun 🙂


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Somehow life has gotten busy… (Somehow… Haha… How on earth did that happen? I’m sure you ask yourself this very question daily). I did this newborn shoot in December and somehow never managed to get it up on the blog until (dun dun dun) TODAY! Yay me! But I’ve totally been wanting to share. He’s just so darn cute. And I love all the love going on!!! So, these are my lovely friends, the Fishers. And they make really cute kids. So you need to check them out 🙂 Plus, they managed to move across the country and then have a baby in just a few months time. Rockstars, I tell ya! They deserve a blog, for crying out loud! And here it is. Little Benjamin was just a few days old and precious as ever. Enjoy!


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You know when you feel like you’re just waiting and waiting and waiting (all you pregnant ladies out there… you know exactly what I’m talking about 😉 )? Luca was like that for me. I feel like I’ve been waiting and waiting for him to arrive. Often, people around me are pregnant for what seems like mere seconds, then their baby is born. I have been anticipating this little one for quite some time now!!! His wonderful parents are dear friends of ours, and we were pregnant together for a bit. So, I’ve been waiting on Sophie’s little friend to arrive! And he is just the sweetest, most peaceful little man. I’m so excited I get a chance to see this one grow up. And also enjoyable is witnessing your friends become new parents 🙂 Jeffrey and Kathrine, I knew you guys would make amazing parents, and I was right. I’m so beyond thrilled for the addition to your family!!!

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So, this beauty was finally born (just a tad overdue). I had been waiting and waiting for that call 🙂 On pins and needles I tell you! I have this soft spot in my heart for moms with overdue babies, possibly because mine have all been early and I would think, how on earth can anyone possibly go any further than this!!!! Ha. Those moms are absolute troopers 🙂 Proverbial hats off to you all! Meet Kenleigh, the first daughter and first born to my lovely friend, Kalin and her husband, Kyle. It’s such a hard process waiting, but when they finally come, so worth the wait!!! She was absolutely gorgeous and oh so tiny! Here are just a few shots of her squishy, delicious, newborn goodness 🙂 Enjoy!

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I have to say that I really enjoy the writing part of my blog. I used to write when I was much, much, MUCH younger. I had an entire teen mystery novel series planned out (and some written). The two main characters were Tami and Heather (bffs for all eternity, fighting crime one friendship locket at a time…). They had access to all sorts of amazing gadgets and secret passageways. They were awesome. They consumed many of my thoughts. Writing about them was so EASY!!!! 🙂 And now, here I sit, Sophie bouncing in her exersaucer about 5 feet away, Hahn bursting into bouts of, um, yelling? Jack, clapping (to make Sophie jump, of course), and, well, Nathan is off on a video shoot. So, for some odd reason, the words don’t seem to be flowing in my mind as easily as I’d prefer. So I ponder. I won’t let writer’s block get the best of me!!! It’s ok. I aim to please. So, you will get words, relevant or not… I mean, this could really go a number of directions. Oh dear… Must keep on task…

Anywho, this blog is really supposed to be about the Gratignys 🙂 Their family of 3 just became a family of 4!!! And they did it in almost record time. What feels like just a few months ago, I had the wonderful pleasure of capturing their family when Mirabelle was born. But in that short time, she grew up! Now she’s a busy little explorer who has no time to be sitting around getting her picture taken. But alas, there was cuteness that needed capturing (in the literal sense, haha)! In fact, I may have found the new star for my teen mystery novel in a few years…. So here we are, at it again with their latest addition, Colette (her Watson perhaps?)! Needless to say, this is the time in life when one begins to accept the fact that family portraits may just have to include toddlers running away 🙂 I find it to be quite adorable myself.

Sidenote: 2 gorgeous redhead sisters with french names really would make for fantastic teen mystery novel heroines, am I right???? Definitely onto something. May have to revisit in about 15 years. Thank you Gratignys for curing my writer’s block!

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There’s no place more enticing to a bunch of boys than a huge pile of rocks next to flowing water. Right? Well, this is the case for my 2 boys, so I assumed it would work here as well 🙂 So, that’s exactly what we did with this amazing family who just had their newest baby boy. This amazing family also just so happens to be my husband’s sister’s family. So, yep, we were preggers for a LONG TIME together. It was my first time sharing with someone so close. We were due with our babies only 2 days apart but ended up having them a whopping 26 days apart!!! Sophie, my sweet girl, arrived nearly 3 weeks early, and Hosea, my adorable new nephew, nearly 1 week late. They were definitely not abiding by our schedules. So it’s been exciting times up here in this neck of the woods!!! Anyway, we took a bunch of boys to a rock pile and did a photo shoot. It was a blast and they were awesome. I think I might have gotten at least one where they all smiled, hehe. If not, they’re still some of the cutest kids ever, so it didn’t matter. Enjoy!!!

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