Mrs. Kunde (aka Kathrine)

I’ve recently gotten to capture a wonderful woman. I hope this blog inspires people, because she inspires me. I know, I know. How in the world will just photographs inspire your life? Well, once in Kathrine’s world, it’s hard not to be. I wanted to be sure that you got to see the absolute sweet, beautiful, fun side of her, but I also had to introduce her tenacious fighter side (in case you didn’t know about it). This girl really packs a punch!!! Kathrine is a personal trainer, but she’s so much more than that. Follow her blog, Mrs. Kunde, and you’ll get the chance to follow her down an amazing road to health and vitality, not to mention try her fun new recipes and glean from all her knowledge. You’ll see the obstacles she’s overcome and how she’s gotten to the place she’s at today. So capturing her was quite the adventure!!!! It was almost like getting a 2 for one deal : ) And, to be quite honest, I had so much fun with this. I wanted to push my limits as well. I wanted to think outside the “fitness photography” box and get all artsy on ya!!! I wanted the photos to not only showcase her killer bod, but also be something fresh and interesting to look at for those of you out there who aren’t into Shape magazine : ) Even fitness photography can be fun and inspiring!!! Don’t you just wanna go work out now?

BLAST FROM THE PAST PIC!!!!! My special “vintage” shot today is this fabulous sky shot : ) I know I’m always saying how taking a photo of a photo just doesn’t do it justice… And I’m gonna say it again!!!! This soooo doesn’t do it justice, lol. Note to self, get a scanner someday to avoid having to reiterate this point forever… So I had period of life where I was extremely obsessed with shots of clouds. I have tons and tons of them. I even was doing cloud paintings at that time. I still love them. But this one in particular was from a photography class assignment. I love how the trees frame the shot and how the sun is starbursting through the trees. Technically speaking, I’m not sure how great of a shot this is, but I love the composition. It’s kind of a peek into another era of my life.

  • kells

    these are amazing! I just found your blog and you are right these are by far the most interesting fitness shots I’ve ever seen. Compared to the usual think giant fitness ball some free weights and wall to wall mirrored gyms. She is a great model and you are such a good capturer!

  • Lacy Fontiane


  • Nichole

    Loooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeee these! She looks gorgeous!

  • jeffrey

    What a model! great photos

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  • Ewhite

    Great photos Kat….VERY nice!!!!!!!!!!

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