Trey: Class of 2013

So this may come as a surprise, but this was my very first senior portrait shoot! How have I missed the glory that is senior portraits? It was great. It was fun. Trey was very laid back about the whole thing (I mean, this is really all for mom, right?). He wasn’t intimidated by paparazzi (aka, me) following him around, snapping away as he told me about his plans for next year (songwriting/deejaying/rapping or something of that nature, college, fashion design, in a nutshell) and his current hobby (football). Heck, we even talked about the ridiculous gas prices,racing go carts, and the fact that he was named after a character from the movie “Boyz in the Hood”. Conversation, strike a pose, conversation, strike a pose. It was rad 🙂 I could get used to this senior portrait action. But this was really just part one. We actually met up with his family for the second half and did the whole lot of ’em on another adventure that I will blog separately. Thanks Trey! You were a great first senior to break me in. I wish you all the best on your life journey! Who knows, maybe I’ll be coming to you for fashion advice in 10 years… 🙂

  • Melinda

    LOVE THEM!! Man, how did this kid get so good-looking?!?

  • Betsy

    Your so creative Myriah! I <3 these! You did an amazing job everytime!

  • Bethany skinner

    they turned out AWESOME, great job Myriah!!!!!  Melinda he is so good looking 🙂

  • HeatherA


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