Ladies and gentlemen, here he is! The boy behind the belly! This is my brand new nephew, Simeon!!!!! He was a perfect angel, hanging out on top of the piano (and by the way, there were 3 sets of hands ready to rescue him at any given moment, on the off-chance that he ended up being a rolling prodigy). I just have to say, I really, really, really loved this shoot. I love creative ideas, and just when you think you might run out, insomnia kicks in and gives you something like THIS!!!! : ) But really, it was a lot of fun. Plus, this was only my second attempt using special lighting (with Nathan’s expertise help, of course) and I really think it was a success. Just broadening my horizons one little light bulb at a time… Remember to click the “see more” at the bottom of the post to, well, see more : )

I’m totally loving going through all my old pictures. It’s been a long time since I saw a lot of them… Especially since entering the digital world, and now a lot of what I look at is on my computer. So, memory lane is just really scenic right now : ) I always really loved this next picture. I took it when I was 12 or 13??? (I should really go check the date to be exact, but I don’t want to get off the couch… hehe) I’m not sure what it is about it. It’s probably a combo of a lot of things. Do you ever take a picture and you’re just really pleasantly surprised by it and it gets a special spot in your memory bank? Theory: I think when that happens, it’s because the light is just really great, the “feeling” is perfect, the facial expressions say more than usual… And then i frame them, no matter who it’s of. Haha. It’s kind of funny to think about, but I really used to do that. When I was a kid, I had pictures of random people up on my walls taken on mission trips to Mexico and other interesting places, strictly because I just loved the picture. This one’s not so random. These are my double cousins Hannah and Marina. I believe this was taken on Easter Sunday. I do have to mention that I didn’t notice until my dad (I think) pointed it out to me that the monkey bars in the background perfectly frame Hannah’s head and look like a strange hat. Haha. So, this was really my first lesson in paying attention to the background, the foreground, and pretty much all the ground : ) Just pay attention to what’s in your frame, otherwise one of your favorite pics can have a ridiculous looking mistake in it. And that mistake won’t stop it from being in your memory bank because everything else about it is so perfect. Might as well make that memory bank as flawless as possible, right? Reason for posting with the Simeon shoot: It kind of reminded me of the pics taken under the tree in this post, nothing more, nothing less, lol. If you’re enjoying my memory lane even a fraction of what I am, I’m stoked, because I’m enjoying it a TON : ) Gotta go dig out some more….

  • Charis Scofield

    WONDERFUL! you could not have had a more perfect idea than the piano shot! it just fit our family and me so well. thank you!!!

  • Nichole

    Soooooo great! Newborn photos are THEE best & these are amazing!!! Plus I love the way Hannah is looking at Marina, her look says a lot – so great! 🙂

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