So, there’s a lot of competition out there when it comes to choosing who you’ll be marrying your children off to ; ) No, really. I’ve seen them around. There are a lot of really cute baby girls out there. But, I think you’re gonna have a hard time finding a baby girl as beautiful as this one (with the exception of my nieces… they’re pretty darn beautiful ; ). Although, I’m sure your girls (if you have any) are also amongst the exception ; ) So, taking all that cuteness and beauty into consideration, Ella, yes, you can marry one of my sons. So, you thought her parents were gorgeous? Check this girl out. She got the genes.

So, my blast from the past is of my cat : ) Sure, laugh at me. This is to demonstrate some of my first experimentation with lighting (really a lamp, sans the shade). This is Misty. Actually, Misty was my brother’s cat, but I think I kind of “adopted” her. This may sound silly, but the whole set-up of this picture, with the blanket and textures, even though it’s ’80s decor, is sort of in the same styling as the “ella” shoot : ) Ok, so you have to use your imagination a little… I’m ok with that.

  • Nichole

    Love them! The frame one remains one of my very favorites still. So adorable.

  • http://charisscofield.com Charis Scofield

    you crack me up. i love you old photo commentary!

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