Charis & Nichole

This is a very special post. This one is about my sisters (in law, if you want to be technical). They were pregnant together for the last 9-ish months. And it was literally the whole 9 months, as their babies were born only 13 days apart. I don’t have any sisters of my own. Except for them. We have made ourselves official (by marriage, I suppose). They are wonderful and amazing in too many ways to list. But perhaps I will list a few : ) They are some of thee best babysitters ever, hehe. They have a vast wealth of knowledge on everything kid-related. I Basically have my own personal team of researchers who never let me down. True story. They are both extremely generous with everything they have, be it time, money, resources… You name it, they don’t hesitate to share the wealth. They are kind and tenderhearted. They are intentional. They are wonderful. I’m glad to finally have sisters!!! So, I had to capture this double-bellied wonder… This could be a once in a lifetime event. But my fingers are crossed that it will happen again… 2012 anyone? ; )

And for my old-school wonder, I’m revisiting my very first photo shoot with my brother. This was taken with my precious, hot pink, 110 camera. Here is Jacob, posing with a microphone, singing to the flowers. Quite the entertainer, I must say, as now, he’s a recording artist/solo music act. His passion is song-writing and singing and playing the guitar. So, I’d like to just throw it out there. I’d like to say that perhaps this first taste of the spotlight won his heart to the world of…. Ok, never mind. Forget it. Check out his music here. It’s pretty awesome stuff.

  • Nichole

    excellent. 🙂 & I love Jacob revisited, so great.

  • Charis Scofield

    aw, i love this post. thanks for all the kudos. love you too my sister and everything you said about us above can be said about you as well, especially the sharing stuff as you share your cool photography talent with us. i agree with nichole that i am loving the jacob photos. keep them coming.

  • Anonymous

    These pictures are amazing! Just beautiful!