If you love chub and arm rolls, you have come to the right place. For today, that is what you shall see. If you never had the chance to meet Simeon here, then welcome, because I’m sure you’ll see a lot more of him in the future… He’s currently my youngest nephew (and I have quite a few… 6 to be exact… and 3 nieces… just sayin’). And he takes chub to a whole new, delicious and nearly edible level. Now, I should throw in there that he’s not the chubbiest of all the babies (past and present) in my family, but it’s so hard to remember back to when each one held the title… Somehow the skinnies come on so quick you just can’t quite remember the gloriousness of the chub. This, of course, is why we document!!! So, anyway, holding the title right now for family chub is Simeon. And he wears it well, if I do say so myself. We did a fun little 10ish month shoot in one of the most beautiful gardens around these parts (Grandma Darliene Johnson’s, of course!) and this little guy was LOVING the camera. He may have wondered at first what was happening, but it certainly didn’t stop him from charming us (mom, aunts, cousins…) to pieces as he literally posed for us. Hands clasped gently in his lap, perfect camera smile… I tell you, this kid knew what he was doing!!!! Enjoy!


  • Nichole

    I love these. They are ridiculously cute!!! Seriously this shoot amazed me & I loved watching you in action. I love them all but the top pic is priceless. Love!!

  • charis

    i love it!  thanks for capturing simeon so well!  these are definitely treasures for me to keep.  i am so blessed to have a fabulous photographer for a sister-in-love!  thank you myriah!

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  • Michelle Shively

    I haven’t gotten to see Simeon since he was an infant…what an adorable little fellow!  Great photos, Myriah….love your style!

  • Diane

    Super duper sweet.

  • Hannahdroll

    The one where he’s sitting on the bench in his shirtless overalls with all his arm rolls made me laugh OUT LOUD!!  He’s so CUTE!  Great job, once again!

  • Stine Madelen Pedersen

    I <3 the first picture!!!