These are my dear friends, the Runyans. It probably seems like we just did this because, just over a year ago, WE DID!!! Then they went and had yet another baby 😉 In fact, it’s kind of awesome, because they have two girls and then two boys, and WE have two boys and then two girls. Our kids are basically matches made in Heaven! And their fourth and our fourth were both surprise babies 🙂 Anyway, we did this shoot a few months back and I felt this great need to post it because it’s just so darn cute. They are a stunning family and their pictures should be enjoyed by the world!!! Right? So, world, here ya go. Enjoy!















This is Hosea, my adorable nephew, and bff to my my daughter, Sophie. They were due just 2 days apart, but born almost a month apart! Sophie was born nearly 3 weeks early and Hosea was born nearly a week late, go figure. Anyway, we did a fun little photo shoot a few months back to capture the many faces of Hosea. And, as you can see, he is full of personality. I highly recommend living near family and cousins!!! We always have little cousins running around and they are my kids’ closest, dearest friends. They want every moment spent together!!! Such a fun way to grow up, I must say 🙂

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Folks, I’m back at it! I know I say this every time I blog now, so it’s not news, BUT pretend to be pleasantly surprised and believe that I will continue to post on a regular basis. My heart misses you. My heart misses seeing all those happy “well done” comments and, well, not gonna lie, it makes me feel good. So, pardon my neediness… Haha. But I have very good intentions of blogging more often 🙂

So this was my latest shoot. I skipped it to the front of the blogging line because I can do whatever I want on my blog 😉 And that’s pretty much the only reason. And we all know that maternity is my favorite. So with that, I share a fun shoot getting ready for some soon-to-be first time parents. And she wears it well, don’t you think?

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Hey all! Here’s yet another photo shoot I’ve been sitting on for a few months. The time has finally come to blog, blog, blog!!! My once full plate finally has some room on it and I’m thrilled! How ’bout another course!

So, I’ve had the great pleasure of photographing this family for several years now. They’ve pretty much been with me since the beginning of my professional photographic journey. And I’ve loved it every time. Having people that trust your artistic ideas is PRICELESS!!!! I so appreciate them. This family shoot was also special because it was the last one before their nest got just a little bit emptier. I dread the day my babies move out but can’t wait to see what they end up doing with their lives. Oh life. Why ya gotta be like that? Anyway, enjoy the pictures!!!

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Twins!!! I don’t know what it is, but there’s just something so special about twins 🙂 I’ve thought about it a lot because my husband is a twin, and he’s pretty special ;). I also did some research before we had our own children. What would be our chances of having twins? Was it genetic or just purely chance? I wanted to know if it would be something I might have the privilege of undertaking. Turns out, we have 4 kids, and none are twins. But I just so happen to know quite a few twin moms and I hail them as super moms!!! I mean, don’t get me wrong, all moms are super, but, having an infant myself right now, I can’t imagine how I could possibly have 2 at once. I type this with one asleep on my lap, hehe. Anyway, my dear friend that I’ve known my whole life had babies number 2 and 3 last summer and we did a fun little photo shoot with big brother. It was a quickie. 30 minutes of adorableness that was really fun to capture. I’m just now blogging the fun because, if I’m being honest, I’m a slacker. Haha. Because we all know that moms with 4 kids are nothing but slackers… wink, wink. No, really life just got away from me and I have a few shoots I never blogged but wanted to. This one was so sweet that I couldn’t resist sharing. I like how the pictures kind of read like a story of real life. Not a whole lot of posing here, just sibling love. Enjoy these beauties.

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I had a wonderful family session with the adorable Solly family just a few weeks ago. Now, I’m listening to the rain out my window, wondering how it went from 90 degrees sweat-dripping, mouth parching weather, to this glorious, earth replenishing goodness so quickly. It really does feel like fall. Yay! So now, posting “fall” pictures feels more appropriate 🙂 right? Enjoy! solly1 Read More

This was an epic summer for me! I did all the fun family stuff (beach, camping, lake days, boardwalk, shopping, etc…), but I also got to do a few things I have never done. I was asked to record a song on a live worship album that my church will be putting out next year. It was a completely unexpected invitation and something I have been wanting to do for a long time. THEN, on top of THAT glory, I was asked to shoot a very special wedding…. In Switzerland, just a few days later. Did I mention it was a DOUBLE wedding? Yeah… It was. All of this, of course, while being pregnant with my surprise fourth child 🙂 Totally not tootin’ my own horn at all, haha. There were many challenges in all this for me. But it was worth every moment of working out the details. Just feeling very blessed and overwhelmed with goodness 🙂 Now you know why I haven’t really spent a lot of time blogging. There wasn’t much to spare!!!

So, I had the honor and absolute privilege of being invited to shoot this double wedding in Bern, Switzerland this summer. And I got to bring along my amazingly talented second shooter, aka my husband, Nathan. So we went for a few days extra and did all that we possibly could to experience the chocolate and the alps in a short period of time. Rode a luge and a Gondola. Hubby had some beer atop a mountain. Where else do you do that? Did some fine dining and lots of walking and exploring. But we all know there’s nothing more important than the chocolate though, am I right?

This was my very first destination wedding. And it was held in one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever seen. It was an experience like no other and the wedding was unlike any I had previously attended. For starters, Switzerland has multiple languages. Both brides were from the German speaking region, while both grooms were from the Italian speaking region. And to make it even more exciting, their common language between each other is English. However, both families do not speak English, so there was really only one way to perform this wedding 🙂 The wedding was done in English and translated into both German and Italian. So, it was much like going to two weddings, one right after the other, and both in several languages. Quite an experience, if you ask me. Now, prior to this experience, I had only been to weddings in the USA. Most weddings here have a similar thing going on. This wedding did not. Not only did this wedding have double the brides and double the grooms, it also had double the receptions. There was a more casual hors d’oeuvres reception (which I did not blog for sake of length) and an elegant dinner reception. The best way to describe the event was an all-day shindig with folks from near and far. And lucky for me, the gracious couples left plenty of time for portraits 🙂 So please enjoy this doubly amazing wedding. I hope this post does it justice!

The flowers. Salome’s bouquet.


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After a fun, busy, crazy summer, I got an exciting email from my friends, Derek and Becky, requesting a maternity session ASAP as their due date was coming quick. The only day to squeeze it in between a trip to Switzerland and kids starting school (since it was an out of town shoot), turned out to be pretty lucky as she went into labor the next day!!! So, we piled the kids in the car and took the nearly 3 hour trek to their neck of the woods. We had JUST been gone for a week without the kiddos, so we decided to make a day of it with the family and do some school shopping and ice cream getting and stuff like that 🙂 Nathan took the kids out to eat and play at the park while we did a fabulous maternity session at their house. It was a blast. I got to hear some Derek Johnson original tunes in progress in the next room. In fact, at one point, we had music playing on the radio and I thought, wow, Derek sounds an awful lot like Mumford… Hahahaha. I know, I know… Silly me. Anyway, I’m so very pleased with the way these shots turned out and I loved getting to hang out with my friends that moved away a few months back.


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Gosh I’ve been sitting on this shoot for a couple of months and the time has FINALLY come that I have the chance to share it with you! These were shot just a few days before Sarah gave birth to identical twin baby girls. We did a quick 30 minute shoot because it was soooooo hot and I didn’t want to torture her TOO much ;)!!! But she wears pregnancy with such grace and beauty, don’t you think? Simply gorgeous.


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I apologize for my lack of blogging over the summer and, well, the year… haha. But I don’t apologize for all the amazing things I’ve been doing instead. Traveling, playing, changing diapers (well, I apologize for that one… blogging is a MUCH better idea), swimming, cooking, visiting family, hanging out with friends, getting pregnant (this definitely happened), recording a song on an album (dream come true), and soooooo much more!!! However, because of all this, I have oodles and oodles of shoots I’ve been wanting to share, but, again, sharing takes too long. I’d rather keep it all to myself, muahahahahaha. No, I really do want to share. So summer is officially over (the school break, not the season… It is still definitely summer the season… And still in the 90’s most of the time, if I’m being honest here) and 2 of my awesome kiddos are now in school. So, with fewer people under my constant radar, surely more photo shoots will make it past the post processing stage and into the showing off phase!!!! Surely!!!

Anyway, these are the Hows. They make cute babies. So they’re on a mission to populate the Earth with adorable children (at least that’s my interpretation). So far, they are doing a wonderful job. This is baby number 3. Enjoy the wonderful sunset pictures! Be inspired!!!


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